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Hi Elsa. Tell us a bit about yourself 
My name is Elsa Gomez. I am from Spain but have been living in London with my son and partner for the past 13 years. Much of this time has been dedicated to running a portrait photography company and working in a boutique. I have always been a creative person enjoying design, fashion and the aesthetics of materials which led me to creating my first jewellery pieces. These were very well received through sales in the boutique; which encouraged me to expand and develop my range. I opened Brass and Bold on Etsy in September 2016  and now have the opportunity to participate in the Urban Makers East pop-up shop in Fount London.
What is inspires your work?
I believe you can be inspired by just about anything! I am a very visual person and soak up just about everything and anything that has the potential to be exciting and creative.
London is a fantastic place for richness in visual terms so I supposed this is my biggest inspiration. I relish honesty in materials use with simple design and very much look to modernist Architecture and linear style for stimulation. I love simple geometric shapes and the work of Alexander Calder, for example, feeds into my jewellery ideas.
What are your plans for the future?
I am currently attending a silversmith course which I absolutely love. I will be soon creating a new collection combining sterling silver and raw brass into rings and earrings. I love these two materials  together.
I will also continue to establish Brass and Bold as an exciting and innovative new company increasing my online presence and social media awareness. I also plan to participate in more collaborations with other creative people on projects such as Urban Makers East.
Elsa Gomez – Brass and Bold 
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