Meet the Maker – Caron Goldman


Hi Caron. Tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Caron Goldman. I started my creative career studying a degree in fashion design at The University of East London. After graduating I worked in several different positions from styling to fashion designing, and lecturing to jewellery designing. I have completed several jewellery making courses as well as self teaching many other techniques which lead me to the style in my work today. When creating jewellery I combine several different bead weaving techniques which creates layers in my work. I love to mix unusual combinations of beads, and experiment with scale to create statement, tactile pieces of art, jewellery that could be hung on show when not being worn.

What inspires you?
I have travelled around the world to America, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Europe and I spent some time living in Africa which I think has shaped my design style. I also draw inspiration from a scientist based in china who uses molecular beading to show how molecules are formed. I have a keen interest in sculpture artists too, this is where I gathered inspiration for some of the more unusual shapes featured in some of my earlier works. There are so many places to look for inspiration; fashion design, jewellery design, other cultures, art, and history. I think I am also very much inspired by the medium that I am using. Sometimes I will design as I create and the beads dictate the design. I love this way of designing as it’s more organic. Sometimes I won’t finish a design straight away. I get to a point where I am not quite sure where to go so I take a break, get a cuppa and go back to it later. When doing research for my most recent collection I looked very closely at the tudor ruff collar and mixed this idea with traditional African tribal beadwork. I wanted to create wearable statement collars with contrasting colours.

What plans have you got for the future?
I am planning a little inspiration trip. I am also going to go hunting for some unusual beads for some limited edition pieces. I am also working on two new jewellery collections; one that will feature a small amount of one off, bigger and more crazy pieces and another that will feature semi precious stones. I am also working on some textile trinkets for the home so keep an eye out.

Please join Caron at her  tiara making workshop at the pop-up shop on 29 April. Book here



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