Meet the Maker – Laura Nevill Prints

Our  maker this week is Laura from Laura Nevill Prints. She’s trading with us in the pop-up shop and at the Queen’s Yard Summer Party on Sunday.

Hi Laura, tell us a bit about yourself ?
Hi, my name is Laura and I am the maker behind Laura Nevill Prints, if that wasn’t obvious already aha! I studied Graphic Design at UCA and during my time there I spent every moment I could in the  print room experimenting with different processes.  When I graduated I knew I didn’t want to take on a traditional design job but wanted something much more hands on but looking for a job when you don’t know what you’re looking for is challenging! So I started making prints from my bedroom. I went through a whole host of styles before submitting a piece for the Secret 7″ exhibition and being accepting and realising this is my style.  I currently work full time as a designer at a luxury printers, Avenue litho where I get to work on some amazing projects and  I now print my own work in between on a small hand press in my study making fun and sassy prints. I love making things that make smile.

What inspires you?
I am a big collector of ephemera and have loads of old magazines and postcards which I take inspiration from. Typography has always been a love of my mine especially old school hand drawn decorative fonts. My most recent work has drawn a lot from the illustrative style of traditional tattoos and flash sheets.  I’m a real old school maker in the way I design and although initial sketches are often traced from found materials I will redraw and redraw everything by hand until I am 100% happy with the finished result. I love the serendipity of this and of the whole print process. I will never be able to draw anything perfectly and then when the drawing is cut out of Lino it never goes to plan and objects change and lines are wonky but that adds to the hand made nature.  When I print in ink each one comes out different and has its own unique qualities and that is one of the main reasons I fell in love with print.

What plans have you got for the future?
My big plan is to work on a collection and hold an exhibition. Ever since working in a gallery whilst at uni I always said I didn’t want to do it as a full time job because I wanted to be the one with my work on the walls. Having my stuff in the Urban Makers pop up shop has been like a little glimpse at that and I just want to  continue to make stuff that people like to have in their homes.

Laura Nevill Prints

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