Meet the maker – Finesse Knits

Maker: Ulla-Maija Cronin  /  From: London /  Craft: Knitwear Designer

Finesse Knits is a small designer knitwear business run by Ulla-Maija, designing and making knitwear and accessories from her home studio in England. Ulla-Maija learnt to hand knit and crochet from a very young age and is self-taught in machine knitting. She is passionate about designing unique, wearable knitwear and accessories and is influenced by her simple, minimalist and functional Scandinavian background. Ulla-Maija is inspired by everything around her and she translates her ideas into knitted shapes and patterns using carefully sourced, quality, British lambswool. All of her work is created on a hand-powered knitting machine and is finished by hand.

Ulla-Marina is committed to quality, value and sustainability and she achieves this by combining traditional craft and natural fibres to complement modern, contemporary living.

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