Meet the Maker – Rare Folk

Our featured maker this week is Ruth from Rare Folk. She makes stunning laser cut jewellery and accessories. You can buy her pieces this festive season at our pop-up shop in Hackney, Fount London from October 31st – December 23rd. 

Maker: Ruth Nutting /  From: London /  Craft: Laser cut Jewellery and accessories   

Hi Folks! Ruth here – the designer, maker and founder at Rare Folk a brand that offers you rare, laser cut, handfinished jewellery and home accessories. The brand has evolved over the last few years starting from the feeling I get finding that different piece to decorate myself or my home and wanting to create those pieces for others. 

 I have combined my love of wildlife, illustration, sewing, geometric pattern, wood, technology and using mixed media into my designs which I explore in my studio based in Leicester city centre. My pieces include- earrings, brooches, necklaces, rings, wall hangings and clocks.

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Meet the Maker – Mosley London

Our featured maker this week is Lyndsey from Mosley London. Lyndsey is a textile designer and studied fine art at Central St Martins. She enjoys drawing playful illustrations that make people smile. All products are printed and made at Lyndsey’s studio in Whitechapel. She is a valued Urban Makers Perks member and you’ll find her in our pop-up shop in Hackney from November and at our Christmas Market. 

Maker: Lyndsey Mosley /  From: London /  Craft: Illustrator 

Mosley London is an ethical brand based in east London. Formed in 2017 by illustrator Lyndsey Mosley to do one thing: illustrations that make you smile. Following the huge Instagram popularity of her first cushion designs, Lyndsey has expanded the range with notebooks, greetings cards, tea towels and a brand new line of swimwear coming in 2018. Lyndsey never stops designing, so expect more soon!

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Meet the Maker – Mia Vilcins Jewellery

Our featured maker this week is Jeweller Mia Vilcins. She makes stunning gold and silver jewellery inspired by the mystery of the sea. You can find her at our Christmas Market on Saturday December 9th.

Maker: Mia Vilcins  /  From: London /  Craft: Jeweller 

Hi, I’m Mia. I make jewellery inspired by my ‘happy places’, creating wearable mini sculptures, that can take your mind away to somewhere tranquil, even in the bustling city!

My first collection, Flotsam and Jetsam, is inspired by the mystery of the sea, the texture of the pieces evoking memories of watching waves roll onto the shore on a peaceful day.

I also undertake commissions for unique gifts (to yourself or for a loved one!).

Some of my other happy places are museums, botanical gardens, historical buildings, being lost in a book, and finding treasures in second hand shops.

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Meet the Maker – F V Ceramics

Our featured Maker this week is Francesca from F V Ceramics. 

Maker: Francesca Vendramin   /  From: London /  Craft: Ceramic Artist 

Hello, I am Francesca and the designer-maker behind F V Ceramics. Hand building from porcelain I create small collections of tableware that strikes a balance between minimalist and abstract design. The Terrazzo range is influenced by the pattern and texture of historical venetian floors – unglazed and polished, it acquires a tactile and pebble like quality. 

I also make wearables. My most recent collection of necklaces is an application of macramé – cotton cords knotted around porcelain hoop shapes.  My inspirations come from a variety of sources including other craft traditions and geometric abstract compositions in visual arts.


Meet the Maker – Mel Smith Designs

Our featured Maker this week is Mel Smith from Mel Smith Designs. With their playful twist Mel’s modern-retro designs are here to brighten up a room and put a smile on your face .  

Maker: Mel Smith  /  From: London /  Craft: Illustration  

Hi there! I’m Mel of Mel Smith Designs, and my brand is all about getting the travel bug and celebrating your most loved cities and countries. I love to explore locations, taking in the sights, the architecture, the local transport, the colour combinations of doors and windows, all the small details…you name it!
I offer a bespoke illustration and map service as I believe you need to cherish your memories and this is a wonderful way to do so. I can recreate a much loved holiday photo, map out your favourite backpacking trip, or illustrate your gorgeous honeymoon destination. Whatever it is, I can bring your holiday home for you.

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Stylist Live 2017

We are thrilled to be taking part in Stylist Live 2017. We will be setting up an Urban Makers Pop-up stand as part of the event.  It takes place at Olympia, Hammersmith for 3 days from Friday November 10th – Sunday November 12th. We are looking for our usual collection of homemade jewellery, art, stationery, accessories, ceramics, homeware and more.  Apply here 

Friday  10 – 21.00
Saturday  10 – 1900
Sunday  10 – 1800

This November Stylist Live is back in its brand-new home of Olympia London, bringing everything you love about Stylist magazine to life across three days of shopping, experts, interviews, comedy, food, beauty and fashion exclusives.

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Meet the Maker – Geeky little Monkey

This week’s featured Maker is Gary Ralphs from Geeky Little Monkey. A passionate and Skilled illustrator and self professed geek, Gary combines his love of Art and all things geeky. He strives to create unique and modern Illustrations, usually with very humorous consequences.

Maker: Gary  /  From: London /  Craft: Illustration / Graphic Design  

A long time ago growing up as a small boy in a small town he was a budding Illustrator/Animator with a love of TV, film and comics. 
Moving to London, he became The Geeky Little Monkey, while still maintaining his secret identity as Gary Ralphs, he has devoted his life to provide fellow geeks with unique, creative and quality designed products.
Geeky Little Monkey
GLM has made its mission to save the people of earth from boring merch and design the geekiest and the coolest art prints, greeting cards, apparel and homewares you won’t be able to find anywhere else on the planet.

Their minimalist design works in any setting and with any style.

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Meet the Maker – MBotanicals

This week’s featured Maker is Rebecca Wright from MBotanicals 

MBotanicals is all about the skin and all about nature. We love the skin and want to see it protected, beautiful and functioning at its best. We believe that the best way to do that is keeping it as close to nature as possible, using plant based ingredients that work synergistically and dynamically with your skin.


Maker: Rebecca Wright /  From: London /  Craft: Organic skincare and candles

MBotanicals creates natural, organic, authentic skincare to help keep your skin healthy, vibrant and glowing. Using active botanical and lab based ingredients we aim to create skincare that has the virtues of nature and the effective, cutting edge actives based on sound science.  We specialise in small batch production and work with powerful botanicals using a minimalist approach where every ingredient matters.


 Our Candles are a blend of natural waxes, essential oils and exquisite fragrance molecules that have an outstanding burn and scent throw. Their minimalist design works in any setting and with any style.
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Meet the Maker – Fitzygogo!

This week’s featured maker is graphic artist  Kymberly O’Carroll-Fitzpatrick from Fitzygogo!

 ‘Fitzygogo!’ is all about ‘creating art that is wearable, usable and just nice to look at’.  


Maker: Kymberly O’Carroll-Fitzpatrick /  From: Essex /  Craft: Graphic Art


 I spend my days hanging out in my home studio listening to 70’s music on the radio and coming up with new ‘Fitzygogo!’ ideas and designs.  My inspiration comes from my love of 60’s and 70’s fashion, romance comics, record album art, branding, packaging and anything else vintage that catches my eye.

All of my designs are either ‘one-off pieces’ or limited edition.  My current collection includes tees, sweatshirts, vest tops, shrink plastic brooches, greetings cards, hand-painted vintage bags and lino cut prints.
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Meet the Maker – Oh Hello Shan Creative

This week’s maker is Shirley Payton from Oh Hello Shan Creative. Shirley grew up in South Africa and studied Fine Art and Graphic Design at the University of Tshwane in Pretoria South Africa.  She illustrates and designs greeting cards, prints and accessories. 


Maker: Shirley Payton /  From: London /  Craft: Illustration  

Having grown up in Africa, my childhood was filled with adventures in the outdoors. Holidays were spent exploring and on our adventures, we came across a lot of beautiful wildlife. 

This is where my deep appreciation for nature and animals came from. Coupled with my love for art and illustration my products are inspired by animals and nature.
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