Meet the Maker – Francis + Louise

Maker: Kerri O’Brien /  From: London /  Craft: Accessories Designer

Francis + Louise is a contemporary luxury accessories brand, born out of an obsession with print, colour and pattern and their unique ability to express a mood or feeling.


Our passion for print and colour is at the forefront of our collections with each piece playfully imagined with a sophisticated edge.


Kerri will be trading with Urban Makers in November at Old Spitalfields Market and is a member of Urban Makers Perks


Collage workshop – FROM FASHION TO PROTEST

We are pleased to announce our first workshop at Old Spitalfields Market.

Collage workshop with  Naomi Vona  
September 8 2018
10 – 11.45am

Old Spitalfields Market Bar and Bottle Shop
107A Commercial Street
E1 6BG


What happens when we turn the purpose of a fashion advertising image into a more deep and meaningful message? During the event we will explore the infinite possibilities in doodling over a magazine page using eye catchy decorations, but we will not stop at it.

The idea is to give to the picture a new message and switching it into a fun, humorous or more personal and powerful protest message.
The artist Naomi Vona will lead the workshop offering guidance and knowledge of her processes and techniques for manipulating images.
All materials provided, but we encourage you to bring your own magazines to customise as well.
About Naomi
Naomi Vona  is an Italian artist that lives in London. Her works combines different interests like photography, collages and video art.
Urban Makers will be bringing handmade back to Old Spitalfields Market  from September 8th 2018. One of the oldest markets in London, with a rich history, we feel privileged to be hosting a makers market on alternate weekends until November 18th. With a footfall of over 25 000 people per day on the weekends, we look forward to showcasing an array of unique handmade products and makers. Applications are open now. 

Meet the Maker – Foundland

Makers: Arthur and Sarah  /  From: London /  Craft: Gift and Homeware Designers

We’re Arthur and Sarah, two designer-makers. Having earned our crusts within the world of museum gift shops, we started Foundland. 

Crafted with love in our London studio, our current collection of homewares and accessories is a contemporary ode to Modernist and Japanese design. Featuring bags with hardware detailing, indigo prints, serving boards carved from reclaimed oak and exclusive collaborations.

From cutting leather to finishing wood, when you buy from us you’re buying a piece made with care and attention. You’ll mainly find Arthur bent over his sewing machine, happily beavering away.  And Sarah? She’ll be outside chopping the wood.


Arthur and Sarah are members of Urban Makers Perks – apply here 


Applications open – MAKEMORE Festival

We are  thrilled to announce that Urban Makers will be curating a makers market at the 5 day MAKEMORE Festival in Victoria Park on the bank holiday weekend – Thursday August 23rd – Monday 27th. With a full line-up of creative workshops, street food, the best bars, entertainment with an expected footfall of more than 10, 000 people,  it promises to be a unique experience for everyone. Each trader will be given a plus one ticket for friends and family and children 10 and under are free.

We are looking for original, well made, inspired design and we require that the products you sell are designed by you, handmade or made locally to you. If they are made elsewhere they must be ethically sourced and kind to the environment. We encourage those makers who are able, to demonstrate the making process on their table. We will be undercover in the Urban Makers tent.

Apply here


Meet the Maker – Jen Taylor from Hokolo

Maker: Jen Taylor/  From: London /  Craft: Accessories and Furniture Designer

Meet Jen, the creative engine behind Hokolo. Lover of all things creative, beautiful and tasty!

Hokolo is the amalgamation of the two cities dearest to her heart – Hong Kong and London.

Hokolo is a bold and colourful design-led lifestyle and homeware brand founded in 2012. Following a career in architecture, Jen was searching for what she really enjoyed and loved in life; well-designed, carefully crafted, beautiful timeless and functional objects.

Jen founded the creative world of Hokolo to express her love of colours, patterns and bold inspiring products. Hokolo designs are unique in featuring striking prints and patterns composed of everyday objects, graphic in nature with a quirky twist, drawing on quintessential and much loved British themes.

She is  on a mission to inspire people of all ages with her witty, stylish and beautiful creations. The collections include homeware, interior products and accessories. All products are designed in London and manufactured in the UK wherever possible.

Instagram / Facebook / Twitter 

Jen is a member of Urban Makers Perks – Join here





Meet the Maker – Benstede & Cirger

Maker: Ceri Fox /  From: London /  Craft: Candle Maker

I’m Ceri Fox creator of Benstede & Cirger, a range of hand-poured scented candles with fragrances inspired by stories from the past. I make each candle myself in my home Hackney using soy wax and essential oils. I hand blend the fragrances.

I took inspiration from my interest in history and visits to historic houses – many of whom use fragrance to create a sensory experience to bring their stories to life.

The company name references the history of candle making. In 1291 John de Benstede became the first recorded wax chandler apprentice. His master? John le Cirger.

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Ceri is a member of our small business support scheme Urban Makers Perks – join here 

6 tips for getting your products featured in Magazines

Are you a designer maker? Would you like to get your products featured in magazines? Today we are thrilled to share tips from PR Dispatch.

6 tips for getting your products featured in Magazines. 

The key to success in any business is building brand awareness and then converting that awareness into sales. Without the initial brand awareness, no one will know about your products. It can be achieved in a number of ways including through social media (organic and paid), advertising and Google search, however one of the most credible ways is through magazine (print and online) product placement. Gaining coverage in the right publication can massively increase your brand awareness and exposure, increase traffic, social media following, and ultimately benefit your sales.

Traditionally, brands would hire a PR agency that would set them back thousands each month without any guaranteed results. But in this digital age where everyone is connected, more and more brands start doing their own PR in-house. We know that no-one can sell a product better than the brand itself so we’ve compiled our top PR Dispatch tips for getting your products featured.

1. Have your assets ready
Regardless of whether you are doing your own PR or paying an agency to handle it, a must before even starting to reach out to the press is getting your assets ready. Assets include high-res imagery, look books, line sheets, and a website. First impressions count, so it’s important to get these right before you start your press outreach.

Your imagery will be your most important asset. You will need both lifestyle and cut-out imagery. Trust us when we say an editor will only consider your product for a shopping page, if you can provide them with high resolution and clean cut-out shots. Your lifestyle imagery should be beautifully styled and well considered for your target audience.

As well as imagery, you will need a digital PDF look book, a line sheet which clearly shows each product, name and price point, and finally a well-functioning on-brand website that is easy to navigate.

PR Dispatch

2. Do Your Research
We can’t point it out often enough; when it comes to PR, no amount of research is ever too much, and you should by no means underestimate the power of research. And yes, editors will be able to tell if you’ve never picked up a copy of the publication you’re pitching to.

Start by compiling a list of publications you want to target. Focus on the publications that is right for your target audience. While it may be your dream to get featured in certain publications, it is probably not going to happen if your price point or your product is not right for the magazine you’re pitching to. Being aware of your core customers and what publications they read will allow you to focus on the publications that are right for you and your market.

Once you know your target publications, try and find out as much as you can about the publications you want your brand to be featured in. Research goes a long way; get to know which editor compiles the feature, what products they normally feature and follow and engage with them (where relevant) on social media. This will enable you to establish a stronger connection with the editors and show personality.

3. Understand how publications work
It’s key to understand of how publications work. Each publication will have a different readership, lead times and is made up of a number of features. Identify which publications are right for your target audience and then read them front to back (more than once). You’ll quickly be able to figure out where your product sits.

While this may not be the case for all publications, long-lead (monthly) publications generally start compiling their features anywhere between three and six months in advance, while weekly and online publication generally have much shorter lead times.

PR Dispatch

4. Tailor your email pitch
Your email pitch is the most important part of the PR process. It needs to be tailored to the publication and page you’re pitching to. Thorough magazine research is key as its important to know what features the editor compile and the type of products and price point they usually feature.

Keep emails short and sweet, suggest the feature you are pitching to and include a catchy subject line, or a subject line clearly targeted at a specific feature. Finally, attach a product suggestion or two at a low-res image size (to avoid clogging up the editor’s inbox).

5.Don’t give up
Rome wasn’t built in a day. The same goes for getting your products noticed by the press. Editors are busy people that receive hundreds of emails a day and generally speaking they’ll only get back to you if they need something from you at that particular moment.

We know how frustrating it can sometimes be, but don’t be disheartened and try not to take it personally if nobody gets back to you straight away. You might email a publication and 4 weeks later they might respond asking for an image because it’s relevant for what they’re working on then.

Sometimes they won’t respond at all and might just pull a photo directly from your website to use for their story. It’s the unpredictable (and thrilling) nature of press. Send a short follow up email a week or so after your first just to check it didn’t get lost in their inbox.  If you still have not heard anything, save the contact for later and approach the editor again with a different product or for a different feature.

6. PR Your PR
Securing a great piece of press coverage, especially your first one, will be a proud moment, and you’re going to want to tell everyone about it. And why shouldn’t you? It’s a great achievement, so shout it from the rooftops!

Tell your friends and family, but most importantly – make sure you share it across your social channels and include it in your newsletter. This will increase your brand credibility. Great coverage leads to more great coverage. Share it on your website (as featured by), social media feed, highlights on your Instagram and write a blog post about the coverage to improve your Google ranking.

PR Dispatch















About Rosie Davies-Smith 
Rosie Davies-Smith is the founder of PR Dispatch. PR Dispatch give brand the contacts, guidance and support to pitch their own products into online and print magazines from just £39. Our subscribers have been featured by some of the biggest UK publications, including Stella, The Telegraph and Elle.

Could you be next?

Rosie has shared two discount codes for our Perks Members –
15% off PR Dispatches’s Christmas Gift Guide subscriptionand  one month free when you sign up for three or twelve months

Read more details about Urban Makers Perks and how to join here 

Meet the Maker – Tara Enyia Studios

Maker: Tara Enyia /  From: London /  Craft: Painter and Illustrator

Hi There, I’m Tara Enyia a contemporary artist and illustrator creating and selling affordable original artworks from my East London studio.
My works loosely explore ideologies surrounding feminine fragility, sexuality and vitality through the use of expressive botanical paintings. I draw critical inspiration from my  illustrative background whist embodying a energetic and free flowing aesthetic to my fine art.

For commission, wholesale and purchasing enquiries please feel free to contact Tara Enyia directly. Alternatively you can pop into the studio and say Hi at The ViewTube, E15 2PJ

Follow Tara on Instagram

Tara is a member of our small business support scheme Urban Makers Perks 





E-commerce SEO workshop for designer makers

Are you a designer maker and sell your makes on your own website? Ever wondered how to get more visitors and sales on your e-commerce website? While there isn’t a ready and quick solution, there is a lot you can do every day on your website to work towards that goal.

Thursday July 5th 2018 
5.30pm – 8pm – workshop commences at 6pm
£15 Book here 
Half price for Perks Members – please contact us for the discount code

Join Morena Fiore-Kirby, freelance Web Developer at and designer maker of geometric jewellery at Kodes in an evening SEO workshop where you will get to do practical exercises to get your e-commerce SEO into shape and learn the most important SEO rules for your e-commerce site, without it getting too technical.

You will need to bring a tablet or laptop so you can do the exercises based on your website. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, there will be plenty of notes and handouts you can take home and do the exercises there.

About Morena
Morena Fiore-Kirby is a freelance web developer with 10 years experience. She specialises in WordPress websites and she has worked for many different clients, from big corporations to small startups and makers. As web developer she builds the tools to help website owners to work on their SEO and with time has become passionate about SEO and wherever possible she tries and help customers make the most use of these tools to improve their SEO.

She is also a Designer Maker of Geometric Jewellery at Kodes Accessories so she understands the challenges we have to face as makers when it comes to SEO.

Meet the Maker – Remi Yeku

Maker: Anthony Aderemi Akinfoyeku (Remi) /  From: London /  Craft: Screen Printing

Hello I’m Remi and I am the founder of Remi Yeku. I decided to build my own print press and exposure unit as a means of getting back into printing (which I had last done as a teenager) as a hobby. This quickly grew as an idea and I began selling my creations at markets, getting the positive feedback which gave me the confidence to pursue my rediscovered passion for screen printing on a larger scale.

Our main ethos is to make every space a gallery, meaning every area should have inspiring artwork individual and precious to us.

All of our goods are designed to inspire and are hand made which ensures individuality is achieved; each product you buy from us will be individual to you!

Instagram / Facebook  

Remi is a member of Urban Makers Perks