Meet the Maker – Tara Enyia Studios

Maker: Tara Enyia /  From: London /  Craft: Painter and Illustrator

Hi There, I’m Tara Enyia a contemporary artist and illustrator creating and selling affordable original artworks from my East London studio.
My works loosely explore ideologies surrounding feminine fragility, sexuality and vitality through the use of expressive botanical paintings. I draw critical inspiration from my  illustrative background whist embodying a energetic and free flowing aesthetic to my fine art.

For commission, wholesale and purchasing enquiries please feel free to contact Tara Enyia directly. Alternatively you can pop into the studio and say Hi at The ViewTube, E15 2PJ

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Meet the Maker – Mel Smith Designs

Our featured Maker this week is Mel Smith from Mel Smith Designs. With their playful twist Mel’s modern-retro designs are here to brighten up a room and put a smile on your face .  

Maker: Mel Smith  /  From: London /  Craft: Illustration  

Hi there! I’m Mel of Mel Smith Designs, and my brand is all about getting the travel bug and celebrating your most loved cities and countries. I love to explore locations, taking in the sights, the architecture, the local transport, the colour combinations of doors and windows, all the small details…you name it!
I offer a bespoke illustration and map service as I believe you need to cherish your memories and this is a wonderful way to do so. I can recreate a much loved holiday photo, map out your favourite backpacking trip, or illustrate your gorgeous honeymoon destination. Whatever it is, I can bring your holiday home for you.

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Meet the Maker – Geeky little Monkey

This week’s featured Maker is Gary Ralphs from Geeky Little Monkey. A passionate and Skilled illustrator and self professed geek, Gary combines his love of Art and all things geeky. He strives to create unique and modern Illustrations, usually with very humorous consequences.

Maker: Gary  /  From: London /  Craft: Illustration / Graphic Design  

A long time ago growing up as a small boy in a small town he was a budding Illustrator/Animator with a love of TV, film and comics. 
Moving to London, he became The Geeky Little Monkey, while still maintaining his secret identity as Gary Ralphs, he has devoted his life to provide fellow geeks with unique, creative and quality designed products.
Geeky Little Monkey
GLM has made its mission to save the people of earth from boring merch and design the geekiest and the coolest art prints, greeting cards, apparel and homewares you won’t be able to find anywhere else on the planet.

Their minimalist design works in any setting and with any style.

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Meet the Maker – Oh Hello Shan Creative

This week’s maker is Shirley Payton from Oh Hello Shan Creative. Shirley grew up in South Africa and studied Fine Art and Graphic Design at the University of Tshwane in Pretoria South Africa.  She illustrates and designs greeting cards, prints and accessories. 


Maker: Shirley Payton /  From: London /  Craft: Illustration  

Having grown up in Africa, my childhood was filled with adventures in the outdoors. Holidays were spent exploring and on our adventures, we came across a lot of beautiful wildlife. 

This is where my deep appreciation for nature and animals came from. Coupled with my love for art and illustration my products are inspired by animals and nature.
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Meet the Maker – Kirsty from Riddell Doodles

Our featured maker this week is illustrator Kirsty Riddell from Riddell Doodles. You can find her prints, cards, wrapping paper and tea towels in our pop-up shop.

Hi Kirsty. Tell us a bit about yourself?
Hi! I live in London and work part time as a SEN (Special Education Needs) Teaching Assistant whilst working on my artistic practice.  I have always been interested in the arts, especially being brought up in a musical family, and have been drawing since I could hold a crayon!  I studied Painting at Camberwell College of Art and then went straight into TA work after graduating.  I started to slightly loose touch with my art practice whilst working at schools, until two years later I decided to apply to study Art Therapy.  It was through creating artwork again for the portfolio for this course I realised how much I missed the art practice.  I started up an Instagram account (@riddelldoodles) just to see if there would be any interest in my artwork and to put myself out there as an artist again.  The feedback and response I got from this Instagram account was amazing and is actually what led me to develop my artistic career further.

What  inspires you?
When I start a drawing I don’t have a pre-conceived idea of what the overall image will look like, being inspired by observing and responding to the world around me; shapes, colours, patterns, emotions, sounds etc… This allows the process to unravel and for the piece to find its own conclusion.  This mindful approach that I have developed feeds my art practice.

What are your plans for the future?
I am very excited for future projects where I have been really focusing on collaborations with other artists.  I love being able to bounce creative ideas with others, and think it is important to find ways of doing this if you work by yourself!  This also means I have been able to work in fields I never thought I would and to learn about so many different aspects of the artistic industry.  So far I have been developing work with a fashion designer, an upholsterer and origami artists. The origami greeting cards I have been working on with the amazing artists from Origami 4 Fun are currently on sale at the Urban Makers East pop up shop.  I’m very excited for the development of much larger pieces we are currently working on to release in September 2017.   For more information on the collaboration with Origami 4 Fun you can check out my blog