The Business of Body Confidence

Heather Jeffries leads ‘The Business of Body Language’, an interactive workshop designed to
empower entrepreneurial creatives through the art of confident communication.
This is a great opportunity to practice key presentation skills to impactfully bring to life your
brand, helping you achieve [insert your goals here – convert customers, grow brand awareness,
secure investment, to name a few!] Participants learn in a supportive and positive
environment and will leave with newfound/rediscovered confidence and strategies to arm
them for success.

Heather is a trained actor and choreographer with 8 years experience in retail and
management. The Business of Body Language brings together her expertise in performance,
service and selling in an innovative combination. She is a champion of creative entrepreneurs
and those following their dream, and is dedicated to helping creative businesses thrive.

1-to-1 Coaching – 60 minute session
Regular Price – if client provides venue* £40, 20% off for UM Perks members
Regular Price – including East London conference room £75, 20% off for UM Perks members

This individualised session is ideal if you’d like support preparing for an upcoming public
speaking engagement, would like to improve your communication with key players or address
any specific concerns you may have about presence and communication style in business. During the session, you’ll practice new techniques, increase your awareness and leave equipped withstrategies you can put into practice straight away.
*venue can be client’s home or office, within London zone 1-4

“I am an introverted extrovert by nature and find that speaking to groups isn’t  something I can effortlessly do. I learnt great tips on better posture, eye contact and speaking to a group that I could action instantly in any conversation. These tips really helped my confidence in public speaking and communicating within business.” – Zoe, @thedustco

“Heather led the workshop in a calm and relaxed way, making all comfortable to share their
stories. I came away with practical skills to use in my work and personal life that I knew how to
put into practise straight away. It is also a fun experience and a great environment to meet like-
minded individuals.” – Emma, @yoga.bert

The Business of Body Language is for you:

●  if you are an entrepreneurial creative, selling either a product or a service, looking to
improve how you communicate with key players
●  if you are a maker selling on Etsy, NOTH etc looking to bring your online business off-line
and want a space to practice how you communicate your brand 1-on-1
●  if you’d like to lead workshops to diversify your revenue stream – learn how to hold a
room and gain confidence speaking to groups
●  if you sell at markets and want to improve your communication with passersby to
convert them into customers
●  if you are expanding your social media presence and want to increase your confidence
on-camera in videos and Instagram stories.

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Heather Jeffries
Workshop Facilitator and 1-to-1 Coach
Cultivating confidence, so you and your business can thrive
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