Gardens for the soul – Eco gardening workshop

Saturday April 21st
2 – 5pm  
Drop in or book here – details coming soon 

Come and find out how to transform your backyard into a garden for your soul, a little piece of paradise to call your own. In this free hour-long workshop, Alex Scrivens invites you to throw away the ruler and think out a garden that’s all about you and nature, plants, food, and the simple enjoyment of being outside. 
The Workshop
Way back, Alex Scrivens trained in Somerset and Gloucestershire in Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, taking a post grad in Kingston when biodiversity meant that enough creatures were alive in ecosystems that something could be done to improve things. Now it seems that those days have passed, biodiversity is in a perilous state, and things appear to be getting worse.


For decades, Gardening in the UK has been dominated by the Royal Horticultural Society and the Chelsea Flower Show. Much of their ethos is the marketing of their establishment position as the source of horticultural standards, presenting nature as commodity.

Eco gardening, or Un-gardening, takes a view point that place, people and nature are at their best in a balance of use and disuse, of novelty and decay, life and death. 

The Japanese created a garden model 500 years ago that exists still today that captured a sense of place, an intense spiritual connection with the user and nature itself, and allowed Japan’s unique nature to be the focus.

What that means today in the context of urban spaces is a tough question worthy of academic consideration, but we’ve got an hour to create a perspective and reflect our eco-minded views on what this might mean to our own backyards, and our own gardens of the soul.

What can you expect?
No slideshows, just a fast paced takedown of the ‘Commercial’ garden and a collective brainstorming of what eco really means. Together we will be the change!

What you’ll take away
In our brief hour, hopefully you’ll get a sense of how the Landscape Industry is just another cog in the wheel of consumerism, and a feel of how to “let go” of the need for the European sense of  order, line and symmetry, allowing you to love weeds, insects, junk, recycled stuff and outdoor lives, and still have an aesthetic value to play with. 

About Alex 
Alex has been garden making one way or another since he was 14, which technically means 37 years of experience. He built a garden in Japan, and various gardens all over the South East. He was a partner in an Architecture practise for a couple of years before retraining as a scuba instructor. After witnessing the destruction of reefs due to scuba instruction, he eventually retrained as an actor and now builds gardens and performs in front of cameras.